Client Testimonial

I've worked in marketing and event planning for more than 30 years. I've been on set for many photo shoots and designed hundreds of live events.

This has always put me in the mix of working with many talents, photographers among them. I have never known a photographer as gifted as Damon Perrott of Lydian Light in all those years.

Damon has an intuitive perspective that enables him to compose and capture the most incredible images. His photography skills and knowledge allow him to use light uniquely to compose breathtaking photos that demand attention. His post-production skills are extraordinary, putting him in a league all his own.

Damon is almost invisible to the guests for live events but always captures the joyful, tearful, and memorable moments that make your heart go still. You often will not even see his flash go off or notice the camera in the room. His photojournalistic style is the asset I appreciate and admire the most.

In a world of ever-evolving technology, there are some things only the human mind can do. Damon represents how irreplaceable that is in our modern world.

-Dawn Takacs

Elite Casino Events LLC

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Lydian Light - Damon Perrott

  • Clients Include Eyenavision, Allegheny County Parks Foundation, In-Community Magazine, St. Barnabas Health System, Elite Casino Events, Acrobatique Creative, Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Penguins, Sill MD, Johnny Jaws, Beechview Place, Laser Hair & Skin Center of Monroeville, and The Cooling Journal.
  • Damon Perrott is a Commercial Photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA. After Attending Film School, he learned to craft of advertising and commercial media production by assisting 21 local and national photographers and video production entities. Lydian Light was founded upon the principle that modern digital imaging demands a broad professional skill sets, including lighting, retouching, and compositing. These technical abilities are coupled with a thorough discussion of a client's goals , making for a seamless transition from drawing board to finished product. Projects are scale-able to further meet a client's needs and budget.

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